Reimbursement guide for visiting researchers

A department at the University of Copenhagen has sent a link to this page, since you have been invited to visit the university as visiting researcher, invited speaker, research guest or the like.

The inviting department has specified to you that you are entitled to get expenses reimbursed.

If you hold a position at the university, or if your stay at the university is more than three months, you cannot use this guide, but you must contact the inviting department for further guidance on how you get your expenses reimbursed.

Following reasonable expenses can be reimbursed:

  • Documented travel expenses to guest personally on arrival and departure. It is not possible to reimburse travel expenses for your family.
  • Documented paid transport costs between the place providing overnight accommodation in Denmark (apartment/room) and university campus (e.g. public transportation tickets), incl. bridge/ferry expenses
  • Accommodation at hotel
  • Accommodation in Denmark (expenses as per account rendered)
  • The holding of a deposit in connection with renting a home. The deposit must be returned to the university

It should be noted that UCPH has no authority to disburse cash or other forms of unsubstantiated remuneration.

Expense claim

If you want to claim reimbursement of your expenses in accordance with the stipulations above, you should fill out this form and send it to your contact at the inviting department along with the documentation for every item.

Follow the instruction on the top of the document.

Before starting the reimbursement process, it is a good idea to scan all the vouchers and receipts relating to your stay so that they are ready for attachment. It is best to collect all the vouchers on as few pages as possible.