When going on business travels on behalf of UCPH, save all your receipts to
make sure you can get a refund. If your travels takes less than 24 hours, they
must be handeled as an expenses claim.

How to log on RejsUd

Step 1) Log on RejsUd with your temporary password

Log on RejsUd and follow the steps below.

  • Bruger-ID: UCPH user name
  • Adgangsord: Password. You have received an email containing your temporary password.
  • Institution: Københavns Universitet

Step 2) Change Password

After you have logged on to RejsUd please type in your temporary password under ‘Nuværende kodeord’. Your new password must consist of at least 8 characters and contain both small and capital letters plus numbers. Confirm your new password by clicking on ‘Skift kodeord’.

Step 3) Change language to English

  • Click on 'Indstillinger' settings (incl. language choice).
  • Use the drop-down list 'Sprogvalg' and choose English (US).
  • Click on 'Anvend' to confirm the change.
  • The language change will be activated next you log on the system.
  • Log out and log on again.

How to claim reimbursement for travel expenses

Please scan all your receipts before starting. If your travel activities last less than 24 hours use please fill in the expenses as an expenses claim. To make a travel expense claim in RejsUd you need to know your UCPH unit code (stednummer) and alias in order to connect the expenses. If you do not know these numbers you need to contact your department administrator or manager.

Step 1) Fill in your travel expenses

  • Log on RejsUd.
  • Choose ‘Create new’.
  • Choose ‘Rejseafregning’ (Travel expenses).
  • Click ‘Next’.

Step 2) Fill in basic information and financial entry

  • Fill in the destination and time of your travel.
  • Choose ‘Time/dagpenge’ (daily payment rate) under ’Travel rule’.
  • Fill in 'Subject'.
  • Fill in 'Explanation'.
  • Click on ‘Edit’.

Now do the following

  • Choose'Afregningstype' (financial entry). 
  • Choose ’Sted’ (the unit number to bear the costs).
  • Choose 'Alias' (the alias to bear the costs).
  • Choose 'KU Specifikation' if relevant for your activities.
  • Click on ‘Save and continue’.
  • Click on 'Next'. 

Step 3) Edit settlement and attach receipts

  • Choose the spreadsheet 'Travel days' and edit each day.
  • Choose the spreadsheet 'Vehicle usages' to specify the use of your own vehicle.
  • Choose the spreadsheet 'Expenses' and specify other expenses connected to your trip.
  • Choose the spreadsheet ‘Attachments’ and attach documentation related to your expenses.      
  • Choose ‘New attachment’.
  • Choose ‘Gennemse’ to find your attachment.
  • Click on ‘Save and continue’.
  • Choose 'Next'. 

Step 4) End session

  • Choose a specific approver from the list by clicking on 'Edit'.
  • Remove the approver group.
  • Choose ‘Complete and Send’.

The system will inform you that your reimbursement has been sent to the controller and the approver.

Lost receipts

If you have lost your receipts please fill in the

Solemn declaration form

Due dates

Please fill in your travel expenses no later than 14 days after your return. Your local department/faculty has 14 days to process and check your travel expenses. Finally the accounting department has 17 days to process the travel expenses.

If your travel expenses have not been returned and processed within 45 days of your return UCPH will be forced to reduce your salary.

Before the salary reduction comes into force the accounting department along with the local department/faculty will make sure that they have not received any relating expenses forms or that the advance payment has been returned to UCPH.